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The cool guy who is Blue Cereal thought it would be a great idea for teachers to have their own intro videos.  Similar to what happens when your favorite sports team takes the field, or when a pro wrestler takes the stage, or….when a teacher walks in the room!  Here is my video:

The songs I chose are both motivating to me and have a message about me.  They sum up what I am as an educator.  I listed the possible songs in a previous blog, but will tell you why I chose the ones I did.

In order of appearance:

We Will Rock You – Queen – Nothing can get a crowd fired up like this song.  Plus, when I teach, I am going to ROCK YOU!

Also Sprach Zarathustra – Richard Strauss – This piece is powerful and full of emotion.  You feel like something great is coming and you are quickly approaching.  As the horns crescendo and the drums pound, you cross the event horizon and are committed…

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor – As with Queen, this song indicates your A-game is about to be delivered.  When I teach, I try to bring the A-game every time!

I’m Still Standing – Elton John – More on this song later – but it has a fast beat and is a queue to my inner self to never give up.  To always fight the good fight and get up when I fall down.

Lose Yourself – Eminem – The beginning of this song asks some key questions – I have one shot (school year) to make a difference.  Will I?  Can I?  I have to give my all to do so.

Heroes – David Bowie – I want to do this everyday.  Period.

The W.A.N.D. – The Flaming Lips – WAND = The Will Always Negates Defeat and the lyric for this point is “They’ve got their weapons to solve all their questions, they don’t know what it’s for.” These are my feeling on those who think education is mortally wounded and broken and needs to be “reformed.”  Its my opinion that these people do not truly understand or know the miracles that teachers are working every day.

Uprising – Muse – It took two edits to get the copyright issues solved with youtube, due to this song.  It is my rally cry for how I feel that teachers are being treated.  The entire lyric for this song is fairly appropriate (in my opinion).

Heroes – David Bowie – I want to do this everyday.  Period.  Double Stamps.

Uprising – Muse – This is my attempt at avoiding copyright infringement.  We will be VICTORIOUS! (My down with the man, fight the oppressors song).

I’m Still Standing – Elton John – “And if you need to know while I’m still standing you just fade away.” I will keep standing.  I will keep teaching.  I will keep doing what is best for students.  I will give them the education they deserve.

Heroes – David Bowie – I want to do this everyday.  Period.  Triple Stamps.

Fix You – Coldplay – We teach students from several different backgrounds.  Some of them come to us with things we can only imagine.  It is OUR job as educators to do the best we can and HELP these students.

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey – Never stop believing.  Don’t stop believing in your students.  Don’t stop believing in yourself.  Don’t Stop. Ever.

Knights of Cydonia – Muse – I love Muse.  Love them.  This part of the song is like a rallying cry.  The “reformers” are not going to take me.  “You and I must fight for our lives, you and I must fight to survive” – we have to advocate for our students.   We have to educate those who are uneducated.  We must fight for what we know is right.  We must do this together.

Heroes – David Bowie – I want to do this everyday.  Period.  Quadruple Stamps.  This one is really important.  Why?  Because we are.  HEROES.

Teacher I Need You – Elton John – Nothing can happen without a teacher.  Nothing.  Doctors, lawyers, architects, designers, programmers…all had teachers.  Every career requires a teacher.

Thanks for reading – I hope you are fired up for the upcoming school year!  Make it brilliant and memorable!!

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