My Bucket List

Taking a break from thoughts on education….

Here is my bucket list, order not important!

  1. Run the Oklahoma City Marathon – I was sitting in my car at the University of Central Oklahoma studying for a test in Adolescent Psychology when it sounded like a lightening bolt hit right behind my car.
  2. Watch Manchester United play (and win) at Old Trafford (versus Liverpool if possible) – I love the Red Devils!  The leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson – there is so much that can be learned from how he led his team.  In an age where head coaches and managers come and go (fired), he held his position for over 20 years.  His players and their style of play hooked me in.  Reds For Life!!
  3. Stay married to my one and only!  In this era of make me happy or else, I want to fulfill the ’til death do us part of the vows.  Jaz has tolerated some pretty selfish moves from me, I intend to always be there for her.  I hope that we go out like the couple in “The Notebook.”
  4. I want to see educators treated as the professionals they are (still waiting to get a link for this one…).  I had to sneak in something about education 🙂
  5. Go to every match the USA plays in both the Men’s (what a great world cup in Brazil) and Women’s (I still get emotional watching Abby score this goal, I am currently teary eyed) World Cup.  This will be a toughie, but if the U.S. can host both of these tournaments, I have a shot.
  6. Be an amazing Dad.  This will be hard to know for sure, but if the kids turn out well, and Jaz loves me to the end of our days….well, I’ll know.
  7. I would love to give a TED Talk, one that millions view and talk about for a long, long time.  Something that is a cross between Sir Ken Robinson and Jane McGonigal.  They are brilliant, take the time to watch these links.
  8. Tour the major Civil War battlefields (this one is Gettysburg).  This conflict in American history is fascinating to me, walking where these events happened would be amazing.
  9. Visiting Auschwitz.  I have a history degree, and no history has captured me more than the Holocaust.  I wrote paper after paper after paper when I was in college.  Man’s inhumanity to man…to see one of these places that I read so much about….
  10. I want to be a leader (maybe there will be a link to this one day…).  A positive role model.  Someone that constantly gives back. Always willing to be supportive and encouraging.  Just because. (Not sure if life goals fit on bucket lists, but since I’m doing the writing…)
  11. Write a book (insert link here) – I am really, really hoping that when my dissertation is finished (Summer 2017), I can move it into book form.  Really, really hoping.

Sometimes taking a few minutes to talk about things that you want to do and dream about is fun.  As teachers, we spend so much time giving ourselves to EVERYONE else that we forget to have goals and desires that are all our own.

What is your bucket list?  Post it in the comments or blog about it and attach a link!

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