#ISTE2014 Day 4 – One last day, Sad face…

*Somehow this just now got posted…whoops 🙂

Well, the last day of the ISTE conference is on us and these are the last sessions that we will be in until next summer (hopefully next summer). I started my day off with the Globalearner, Alan November and his discussion about #1st5days. It was excellent and I learned some great things about helping give the students some really important research tools and skill during those first days. Also the power of the connected student can be amazing – so idea number 1: have my students create weekly examples of different problems that we are working on. They can use any media they want, it just needs to be available online. He also had some really cool ways to help narrow down Google search results to really get to the heart of the matter. For those items click here and here. Alan also gave us his Diigo library list here…GREAT SESSION!

I am really interested in how to get my staff better professional development. I like how we do it, number one – its teacher driven and led and that is so key. But I want to make it even better and several of the sessions that I have visited have revolved around introducing gamefication/blended learning into the PD model. My second stop for the day is on gamefication of professional learning by Kate Matthews from Fayette County Public Schools. The link for her presentation is here for those interested.

After a gamefication PD session, it was on to gamefication and flipped learning!  Yes!!  I really want to try and get more gaming types of things into my classroom and and Philip Vinogradov is taking us through the ways that he does this.

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