Its been a really busy two weeks!  Now it is time to decopress

Its been a really busy two weeks! Now it is time to decompress

Finally back home!  Model schools was a really great conference to attend!  I hope that one day we have to opportunity to go back and see what is new in the world of next practices.  Today’s sessions were pretty good – looked at what technology needs were going to be for the Common Core and also threw in the Jeff Gordon Prank.  Its amazing how a relationship changes when people know that you are an expert and how they will totally trust you!!  We also had a chance to see some great ways to open and close lessons…One of the things that I really liked was creating a movie trailer (see this post)!  But also got some other really good ideas to try out for closing the day as well.  I think that I may try and incorporate twitter on a frequent basis at the end each period.

The trip home was uneventful!  Glad to be back and now am ready to start sorting out all of these ideas into some semblance of a plan of action!

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