Use Padlet for Teambuilding

Items required for Padlet:

  • iPad (with or without the Padlet app)
  • Computer

Padlet is a website that allows users to post multiple responses to a question or thought.  This site can be used in a variety of ways: class discussion, crowd sourcing, idea sharing…

Here is how padlet works:

  1. The teacher creates a free account at
  2. Choose to create a new padlet
  3. Click the “modify padlet” button
  4. Give your padlet a title and description
  5. Choose or upload a portrait pic
  6. Click the wallpaper tab and choose or upload an image
  7. Clikc the layout tab and choose how your padlet will be organized
  8. Click the privacy tab and choose your options
  9. Click the address tab and customize your url

Share your padlet url with your students, they do not need an account to participate.  To post on a padlet, students need to double click anywhere on the padlet.  They will be prompted to give a title and to write something.  Posts can also include links from a variety of sources including links, uploads, and photos.

For Teambuilding

  1. Create a padlet with a question about a school policy. Divide the class into groups of 3-4 and have them (each group) post a change to the policy.  Once each group has posted a change, have students work together to come to consensus.
  2. Create a padlet with the background image as a question from your curriculum. Divide the class into groups of 3-4 and have them (each group) post possible answers to the question.  Have students discuss which answers work and why.  Which answers need improvement and why.
  3. Create a padlet where students crowdsource links that are related to your curriculum. Each group should be willing to share three different links, each link being unique.
  4. Be creative – what can you do in your class??

As with other teambuilding activities, it is important to debrief on successes and failures, celebrate risk, and recognize the unique role each student plays in your class.  Students can also blog their about their experiences, the good, bad, and ugly in a class blog.  Students should also comment on at least two other blogs as well.

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