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Being patient while feeling overwhelmed

  • There is always going to be something that needs to be done/completed/reviewed/read/updated/written/posted…
  • Work through one assignment at a time.  Yes you could have multiple projects going at the same time, but work on one at a time.  Leave all of the others on the shelf for a couple of hours
  • Some kind of organizational system will help here
    • I use OneNote and Evernote
      • OSU students have access to the Office 365 through
      • Online versions of Excel, Word, Calendar, Planner, OneNote
    • Each class has its own folder on my computer
    • Use EndNote –  free from
      • There are other tools you may like better – EndNote is free for OSU students

Being persistent

  • Don’t quit.  Don’t give up.
  • Keep working – if you keep working, it will all get done.
  • Read when you get a chance.
    • Taking a trip – have a friend/spouse drive
    • Sneak in 45 mins at lunch
    • Make some sacrifices to maintain sanity
    • Read while the kids are warming up for their game
      • I worked on a paper at the soccer field one day…
  • Allow yourself to be challenged in your thinking – don’t be afraid to argue your position – likewise don’t be afraid to change your mind on something…
  • *if you can – consider attending school full time….*

Develop a web presence

  • Share your non-published work
  • Control your name
  • Allow others to see what you are interested in
    • This has led me to some unexpected gems

Utilize your faculty

  • The faculty here are solid
    • My personal experience has been very positive with all of my professors
  • Develop a strong relationship with your advisor (Its my opinion that they should be helping you and not the other way around)
  • Ask questions and seek feedback every chance you can
    • These people are pretty good at helping you get better
  • Get to know your committee members – this will take some effort on your part
    • These folks should be working with you…

Develop relationships with other PhD students

  • They feel your struggles and successes
  • An extra set of eyes on projects and papers is always beneficial
    • We cannot always see our unique weaknesses
  • Meet up for non-school related fun
    • Some of my colleagues and I have been to the zoo
    • We have shared several meals together
  • Find out what students have taken particular professors – get an idea of what a class may look like

Digital Resources

Have a Hobby

  • Manage your time
  • Be disciplined in this
    • Take your computer with you
      • I worked on a paper at the hospital one time…
  • Do things you enjoy
    • I watch my kids play soccer and sing
    • I brew my own beer
    • I run
    • I don’t do all of this at one time or all week long.
  • Some sacrifices will need to be made – this is a long term goal and a huge accomplishment.  It does not happen without hard work, social support, and sacrifice

Lastly – if there is a research topic you have in mind, then work toward this topic any time you can!  Build your house for your dissertation proposal and your dissertation right now!

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