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5 – Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s)

The Drive
The Drive
5 - Personal Learning Networks (PLN's)

Personal Learning Networks Personal learning networks are key to professional growth for teachers.  In this episode of The Drive, the conversation is focused on why you should seek educators on social media and engage in vibrant conversations. Enjoy The Drive! Stitcher Soundcloud BAM Radio iTunes

Twitter is #Amazeballs but…Facebook!

Twitter is a great resource for teachers, scratch that, Twitter is an #Amazeballs resource for teachers!  I get it though – Twitter is different and scary and one more thing to do.  If you Teach you should Twitter – read here for some of my thoughts.  Or here from Kas Nelson a rural …

Tweets for Tweachers

As a teacher, I understand that you don’t need another thing to keep up with…BUT if you are not using Twitter, you are missing opportunities to grow as a teacher.  Connect with other teachers, or professionals, get ideas, share your brilliance, inform parents…the list goes on and on.  Take a …

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