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Gamification – What is Flow and Why is it Important?

Gamification – What is Flow and Why is it Important? Flow – This occurs when we are doing something that is not so difficult we give up, yet not so easy we get bored with the activity. The participant is fully involved in the activity, they are focused, and they …

Image of a game controller

Gamification – An Introduction

Gamification – An Introduction What is Gamification? Gamification can be defined as using gaming mechanics in non-game situations.  Some examples might include the credit card miles you get for buying gas, or the sandwich shop card punches that get you a free sandwich, maybe the step counter and its app …

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Zombies, Run!

Gamification Gamification is when gaming mechanics are used in non-game situations.  This is the short version.  Some people have different semantics, but this is a good way to frame it. At the ISTE Conference in San Antonio, held during the summer of 2014, I had the opportunity to hear Jane …

Gamification – What is it? How do I do it?

These are the slides for my OTA/Encyclomedia Gamification session.  I think that gamification offers students and teachers an excellent way to learn during the school year.  The research I have read on gamification indicates that it can have a positive impact on learning. My personal experience with gamification was when …

27 – Gamification Thinking

The Drive
The Drive
27 - Gamification Thinking

Gamification can be a fun way to engage students in your classroom, but why?  What are some of the basic pieces of a gamified curriculum or lesson?  Listen to this episode of The Drive Podcast and get some of the foundational gamification thinking and get ideas on something to consider …

Training to Get Better

It started with a run I started running again this June.   I decided it was time to work in fitness for my body.  Training to get better for something on my bucket list.  Turns out this is also good fitness for my brain.  It gives me time to think …

Gamify PD

Gamify Your PD

Level up your staff! Power up your practice! So try things you never thought you would try or learn things that you never thought you would learn. Take an intentional risk and find amazing rewards!


The #MakerEd Movement And Gamification

In the journey that is student centered learning, my week for the class recently ended.  If you would like to see how this particular course is being organized, check this link.  This past week I chose our readings and they were organized around makerspaces and gamification. The #makered movement and …

12 – Gamification

The Drive
The Drive
12 - Gamification

Gamification Gamification is when gaming mechanics are used in non-game situations.  Harness the power of games to create a dynamic learning environment and hook your students into the most amazing learning adventures.  I love gamification and have blogged about it several times.  Find some of those blogs right here. Enjoy …

Gamify Your Class. Here’s Why!

gam·i·fi·ca·tion ˌɡāmifəˈkāSHən/ noun the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service. “gamification is exciting because it promises to make the hard stuff …

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