Happy Teacher Challenge

30 day challenge imageAt the end of 2015, I stumbled into #EdCampVoxer – which was quite overwhelming.  And brilliant all at the same time.  The conversation that you have in person at an EdCamp, happened on Voxer – which allowed for conversations to continue.  This led to another Voxer group called Edumatch – which is loaded with brilliant people full of the most amazing ideas!

Happy Teacher Challenge!

One of those ideas that has to be shared post haste: the 30 Day Happy Teacher Challenge!  Print the Happy Teacher Challenge and paste it in your teacher lounge.  Forward it to your friends.  Make 2016 the Best Year Ever!  As you go through the next 30 days – be sure to share what you can on social media by tagging your post #30dayhappyteacherchallenge!  Let the world know how amazing your students are!

Happy teacher challenge

Are you up for a challenge?

All of the cool people leave comments - what are your thoughts?

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